Music Theory
For Songwriters
Nguyên tác:Steve Mugglin
Chuyển ngữ: Nhật Vũ

Part- One    -Scales, Note Numbers, Roman Numerals
Part-  Two   -I, IV and V chord, Key, Chords in D
Part- Three  -ii, iii and vi chords, The Simple Map
Part- Four -  Chords Variations, Complex Chords
Part Five - Secondary Chords and The Big Map
Chord Charts and Maps - All 12 Maps plus 24 pages
                             of keyboard chord diagrams.
Part Six - Major Scales - I
Part Seven - Major Scales - II
Part Eight - Major Scales - III
Part Nine - The Circle Of Fifths
1st Steps in Keyboard - Keyboard Basics
Part Ten - Understanding Modes
Part Eleven - Minor Keys - I
Part Twelve - Minor Keys - II

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